Motovelo sells the fastest and most powerful bicycle engine kits in the world. We' re in stock with hundreds of engines and ready to ship out the same day you place your order! Delivery is guaranteed in 3 days or less in CA , and 5 days for the rest of the continental USA.

Aydin Ozan is a lifelong engineer, mechanic, designer and builder.

motovelo california legal motorized bicycle engine kits best price 80cc He hand fabricates our flagship model, the "Street Sprinter".

Mike Jacobsen is a tradesman, business administrator,

and does all the high performance porting in our port & polished kits.


We started this website and business in response to the growing demand for Motorbikes.

They are the ultimate around-town convenience machines- and as you can see, Too much Fun!

With 100+ miles per gallon of gas, and starting at $249.99, they also make economical sense.

Currently we are serving the entire USA with fast UPS shipping, included in that price.


We offer a full line of the best upgrade parts, allowing you to reach speeds of 50mph+ on your motorbike, click on the upgrade section of the website to find out more!

We pride out company for offering the best and most knowledgable customer support in our industry. we stand by our product, and our coal is 100% satisfaction.

So, what exactly comes in our kits?


Motorized bikes are legal in almost every state, and DO NOT require a license, registration or insurance. So you can legally ride one on the road. See here for CA laws. If you live in a different state, check your local department of motor vehicles for more info.


What about electric? Well to be frank, our bikes destroy the competition. the electric bikes cost over $1000, only go 20mph and have a very limited range of about 30-50miles.

They also weigh 55lbs. Our engine kits only add 22lbs to your bike, go 30-35+mph (and with tuning can go faster) and return 100+mpg.

Plus you don't have to wait HOURS to recharge, just gas and go..


 <-- Here's how we ship our custom bikes.


What about the environment?

Well these are extremely green kits with catalytic converter mufflers, and to be able to travel such distances with such little fuel consumption really makes a small impact.... Now think about this if you're considering an electric bike: You plug it in to recharge, and you're going to be doing this daily. That's going to cost you in the long run, but where does the power come from? Coal burning power plants, derived from fossil fuels. So by using electricity, you're contributing to smog/global warming anyway.

There is no way around it. You just get less power and performance from an electric bike, and end up with less performace and less green inyour wallet. Plus there's no sound of a happy little two stroke engine purring away. Trust us, you'll love your motorbike after the first ride.


We recommend that, if you don't have a bike already to install your engine on, purchase the engine FIRST.

Then when you receive it, take it out of the box and bring the motor with you to go bike shopping.

That way you can just set it in the frame and make sure it will fit. You can MAKE it work on almost ANY bike in existence,

but for simplicities sake, and to avoid drilling the frame, do the tip above and make sure the engine lines up in the frame before buying a new bike to motorize.


Motovelo recommends breaking in your motor using a 20:1 gas/oil ratio. For the first gallon, go easy on the throttle, and vary the speed/rpm's.

Next gallon you will switch to a 32:1 ratio, and use that mixture for all subsequent gallons of fuel.

We recommend using these oils:

motovelo sells california legal bicycle engines<-- OR --> california motorized bicycle engine motor kit fast motovelo

TO MAKE LIFE EASY:motovelo motorized engines for bicycles kits california legala "ratio rite" will give you the perfect fuel mixture every time! For the FIRST GALLON of gas, mix at a 20:1 ratio. That's 20 parts gasoline (87 octane is fine) to 1 part Oil (6.0oz of oil per gallon) Then every gallon after you mix at a 32:1 up to a 40:1ratio. (aprox 3.2- 4.0oz. of oil per gallon) You can also use this mixture ratio calculator

Additionally, you should applycalifornia street legal bike engines motor motorized motovelo to every single nut and bolt. (Blue medium loctite)


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